Help for your heart <3

I was reading an article on heart health in a mainstream popular magazine.  A direct quote from the article: "Even with no heart disease risk, people age 40 and above with diabetes should consider a statin." - American Diabetes Association 2015 Standards of Care

Why would you take a statin, which has side effects including muscle pain and weakness and memory problems (among others), when you have no heart disease risk?  I recommend alternatives to Statin drugs such as a healthy diet, regular exercise, supplements, and a good nights sleep.

Ironically, statins have a side effect of raising blood glucose, so it is very interesting to me that the American Diabetes Association would recommend statins for people with diabetes, who struggle with blood sugar issues already.

It is important to educate yourself on the different health options.  Jumping on a long-term medication (most Statins are prescribed for life) is not always the best answer.